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Spellbreaker build without Stances or Resistance


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I want to start out by saying that I am not a warrior main by any means. In fact, warrior is probably my worst class. That being said, with all of the talks about warrior stances, resistance, and other skills and traits, I got tired of hearing warrior mains claiming that using stances and resistance was the only way to survive.

I decided to have a little experiment to see if I could make a warrior build without using any stances, or any source of resistance.For this I chose NOT to use the following:

  • Any stance
  • Any source of resistance
  • The entire Defense trait line
  • Shield
  • Any of the Spellbreaker traits that improve Fullcounter

This is a build that I came up with.http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vJAQNAoYRnk6CdegFeA2dAcigFjATZL88uCGBgGQODfHXkXyA-jJhIQBzrMwJ2f4gnCAA8EAAA

With this build I was able to survive just fine. I was able to defeat a few scourge and other spellbreakers. As an added bonus I can say that this is no where near as gimmicky as the current fullcounter build that is popular right now. If I can survive on my worst class without stances or resistance, than so can anyone else if they choose to. Saying that resistance and stances are the only way for warriors to survive is just plain false. Stance and resistance are simply extremely powerful and useful tools. They are NOT mandatory to survival, so don't pretend that they are.

Provide feedback and advice to let me know what you guys think. Please keep it constructive, thanks. =)

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@Jeknar.6184 said:As I thought... Might Makes Right with Endurance signet. You almost had me there...

As for suggestions: I would take Strenght runes or even Hoelbrak instead of Pack . You are running MMR, so any extra might is a good deal for you.

I do agree ( i would go for Hoelbrak ).I would also swap discipline for defense ( Regen + Defense's hot, main hand mace instead of dagger, healing + toughness on bs ).Last, i will change sigil of power with dolyak ( BS which heals and gives you toughness and stability if needed ), and zerk amulet instead of demolisher ( you will mantein almost the toughness, through dolyak signet and spiked armor trait ).

Eventually, sigil of Savagery on mace instead of the revocation's.

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For this I just wanted to see if I could make a warrior build with as few of the typical defensive traits and skills as I could. The only thing that could be called gimmicky would be Might Makes Right with endurance building. I'm not saying this is the most optimal build (I'm not even a warrior main), however I didn't include anything from the defense trait line, stances, or resistance stacking. I like the idea of spellbreaker with dual daggers, and I do still think that full counter is over tuned. This build is an example of a spellbreaker build without the passive defenses, blocks, or damage immunity stances.

I just wanted to see if I could do it. :p

Thank you for the comments though.

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