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Sp-end off Dragons and Inequality...

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Hi all,


I play this game 2-3 years and have spent around 7k hours.

Was hyped for the new expansion and finished the story in 1 day. Since then, I'm trying to find my place in game but I cant…


Before the expansion and the nerfs, I was doing kind but not talkative t4+old cms (low or no kp groups) and after that I was spending all the time in open world:

Ley ano, infusion train, pact supply coms, some hot HPs before and/or after meta and lots of node and chest farming. To not getting bored and to enjoy as much as possible of the game, I was trying to use different classes and different builds. As a low skilled players, I preferred builds that gave tankiness, like a lot of tankiness. This allowed me  to -->solo stressfree<-- my routine while being able to revive and/or help others if needed and without changing my traits.  

Ive helped (2maned) a lot of people with bounties, hero points, events, guild hall claim, fractal maps for ad inf and other collections. I even used to lfg that I help with these stuff if someone needs it. This part especially made me enjoy this game, as I like to help others no matter if they are bored, low skilled or new to the game.


Imagine what? After the nerfs I can hardly keep myself alive... not to mention to help others. I was looking forward to play more classes/builds by using the new specs and instead I lost even those I already played. And I could understand removing tormenting runes from wvw, I could understand nerfing things like battle scars and epidemic in instanced content but in open world why? How much more gold Ill gain if I will be able to solo 1 hp, 1 bounty or 1 event? How will this brake the game? How and why was I a problem to anet in any way (monetization, content or community wise)? You do understand that not all players can be skilled and that this increases Inequality to the playerbase to do BASIC stuff (like HPs) as elite players will still solo open world stuff  anyway while the rest, we will need 5pers and a tag or something?


Did I spend less hours to this game than your elite players that post videos on youtube saying that we -the noobs- suck and not the game? Did I spend less money? And if you, ANET, cant answer reasonably these questions, then the end of dragons will be the end of the game sooner or later…for many reasons…



PS Due to social anxiety I will not answer to anyone and im sorry for this.

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