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Old player maybe returning

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1 hour ago, Jastorm.5972 said:

Haven't played in years... Played before any expansions were available.


Thinking about getting back into it.   State of the game for a solo player?  


Any suggestions or thoughts of returning to the game after so long. 


I actually did the same, returning after a long time and leaving before any expansion! And there is a lot of new stuff!


First, if you do have any of your old chars left, check for birthday gifts! 

Then what I did is take an old fav char out to just relearn the basics. Cause with all of the new Elite specializations, hero challenges, mastery points and everything else, it's easy to get overwhelmed.

Then I started a new char, sadly used an level 80 boost, and got smashed in HoT.  

Core game still has a lot of people, most of them willing to lend a hand if you ask for it. But I also still do most things solo. I love PvE, dabble in some PvP and WvW. Still haven't gotten into dungeons a lot and stuff like that. 


But I right away regretted that I ever left. Only thing I really ran into is wanting to much to fast. 

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Thanks for the responses so far.  I was wondering if i was gonna start over or use and old char.   Probably pick up my old main (Engineer) or my 2nd (Guardian) and just fiddle through that. I did alot of solo, and some dungeons and pvp but thats about it

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Also, check your bank. Forgot about that!


Some stuff has been discontinued but is still useable, some is not. Might give you some extra space if you find something you don't know about but wanna ask about later.


Storrage itself also changed, I had to manually move all my mini's. Wasn't a problem, just did it when I had some time to kill.


Do you actually have the expansions now? Cause you didn't mention that.


Btw Engineer was my first new one! She is in Cantha right now!

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