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AMD RX 6500 XT performance?

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Since begin of this year, 2 of my GPUs died, so iam looking for a new one. 
This time i would like to buy new one with warranty, as GPUs are expensive this days. 

One of the cheapest is this 6500 XT, i see it has only 64bit bus width, but the performance in other games is solid. 

However i cant find any test with this game. So is there someone with this GPU who played this game? What is the performance like? Iam playing on 1440p resolution.

//I had R9 390x which was super fast, but it stopped working, and since then i was on HD7870 which is old, but this game was definitely playable on lower settings. Today it stopped working too :-( 

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I would recommend the 6600 XT over the 6500 XT.  In all honesty, the 6500 XT is worse than the R9 390X as it is stuck on a x4 PCIE4 lane, so if you have a PCIE3 motherboard you would only get half of that.  


Based on the videos I've watched are showing 120+ FPS at 1080p with a 5600X, so at 1440 should be pretty good.  The DX11 update helps.  I know it is $400 more, but it would be worth it.  The sad truth of the 6500 series is that it never should have been released for desktops.

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Depending on your GPU and motherboard it is probably better to get something with PCIE 3.0. PCIE 4.0 motherboard with PCIE 4.0 capable CPU is required to extract the full performance of 6500XT which is why it has fewer buyers which results in less gouging compared to other new GPUs.



In our opinion, it’s a hard pass at $300. You’d be far better off buying a used graphics card such as the GTX 1650 Super, RX 5500 XT or RX 570/580 4GB.



Based on our testing, running the RX 6500 XT on a PCIe 3.0 board can sap a decent amount of its performance, even at 1080p, but it does depend on the game. Therefore it makes sense to avoid this card if you're on a platform limited to PCIe 3.0, a list that includes most 400-series Intel (eg Z490) and 400-series AMD (eg X570, B450) motherboards and earlier. Remember also that even with a compatible motherboard, you'll also need a compatible CPU


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guys, i think iam still on PCIE2 😄 
about 6500 XT vs 6600 XT, the better one costs 2 times more, not sure if i want to use that much money.

i would also consider NVidia, but since there are always some drivers problem on Linux, i want to stick with AMD.

And since i have enough of broken GPUs i want some with proper warranty, in Alza they offer +3years for 50euro.

One more question, what about 6600 and 6600 XT ? Is the XT version worth? I see its slightly better, and not that much more expensive.

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