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Infinite loading screens since EOD

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Since the end of dragon release, I had randomly multiple times infinite loading screens when I try to load a map. 
I have to restart the game and the map just load in a couple of seconds (10-20s)
I love the new artworks, but this is a bit annoying, specially when I joined a meta squad and that I cannot join after.

It read a bit about this kind of issue and things point to packet loss, but everything was working fine before the update, and I have no problem of this kind on other online game (DotA 2) for example.

I do run windows 11 and have a NVMe SSD drive, I can try to give you more feedbacks if you need.

Cheers for the amazing work on the extension.

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Maps have been taking longer to load for me as well. I'm running windows 10 and also have the game on it's own NVMe. However if you add  -mapLoadinfo in the target under properties it does tell you the percentage the map is at.

My issue is it's stalling before loading the map like it's trying to pick an instance.

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I thought I was the only on. I've been playing dice with each Guild Wars 2 launch. It prevents me from doing strikes, fractals, or simply playing. It keeps bringing up network errors or won't load a map randomly.

I hope Anet will be working on a fix soon!


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I also had the infinite loading screen. I think it was yesterday that I had 5 in my play session (probably like 4-5 hours of gameplay). Usually it only happens once or twice a day at most. 5 was a bit extreme compared to usual.


However, I had this issue before EoD came out. Also has been on an SSD. Windows 10.


For me, when it fails to load and I get back onto the game, I'm at the map edge closest to the map I was attempted to go to. Only once did it not move me because I was already at the edge closest to where I was headed.

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