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How to destroy Level-80 boost taking my shared inventory slot hostage?

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I bought EOD and I would like to use the shared inventory slot that came with it, but the slot is taken hostage by Level-80 boost, which can not be removed from it, and can not be destroyed. I bought additional character slots for my account, so I have 9 total, each for every profession, and I already have 9 level 80 characters I've invested a lot of time into. I obviously won't sacrifice any of them, and I don't have any empty character slot to make a dummy character to waste this boost on. 

So I am in a situation where I have to pay 800 gems ransom for a Character Slot Expansion so that I can make a new temporary character to be able to destroy the boost. Does anyone have any better idea how to do this? I could really use that shared inventory slot.

Thanks in advance.

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