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[NOW] Nuggets of Wisdom (NA) - Now Recruiting!


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We are a small Hawaii-based, PVE-focused guild formed by a trio of college friends with varying degrees of GW2 experience. We welcome any and all players, new and seasoned, from anywhere in the world. We love the game, helping others, and having fun!

Although we are still in our infant stages as a guild, we recently claimed Windswept Haven as our home, have gone on several guild missions together, and are beginning to build a very active and enthusiastic community of like-minded friends. Raids are NOT a priority at the moment, but it is an activity we plan on tackling when the guild has a firmer foundation. If you are looking for a guild that is just starting out and would like to be an active participant in its growth, then this may be the place for you!


We hope to become a mentoring guild in the future, offering "nuggets of wisdom" to those who need it. Our mission is to recruit members, train them to become mentors, and release them into the vast world of Tyria, where they can expand and form guilds of their own. We may be inexperienced, but that does not stifle our desire to help others!


  • All PVE Content (Open-World, World Bosses, Map Completion, etc.)
  • Fractals/Dungeons/Guild Missions
  • Active Discord 
  • Weekly Guild Activities
  • Lots of dry humor
  • Skimmer Donuts
  • Windswept Haven Guild Hall 
  • We have attempted WVW, however, since we are all on different servers and are in different time zones, we simply WVW for fun.


  • Positivity
  • Honesty
  • A Sense of Humor (crickets are not welcome)
  • Willingness to learn and accept mistakes (especially from our awkward guild leader)
  • Clean Language (though we understand the need to express your frustration after stepping on a lego on your way to Lion's Arch)


Feel free to whisper or message our guild leader (malisivo.5264) if you are interested in joining our guild!

We hope that you find the guild you are looking for!

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Hiya, ZazzzMatazzz!

Welcome back to Tyria! Thank you so much for your interest (although this recruitment message is a tad bit outdated, lol). We would love to add you and your wife into the mix. ?

I usually like to play with prospective members for an hour or so, just to get to know them and their playstyle, before adding them to the guild. Please let me know when would be a good time for us to do so! Unfortunately, I will be on late tonight and the weekend is wonky for me, but anytime on Monday would be ideal.

Feel free to join our Discord in the meantime!

Thank you for your interest,Malisivo

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