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New REV Special - Awesome Concept.... but Garbage


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So this should be an easy fix? my rev keeps going into the defensive skill tree... at random, when I demount, When i switch weapons, switch legends... literally anything. can they please fix this to only when i change it? maybe create a "switch" in the hero tab to auto tot he one you pick? Also, is it just me but the Energy for the new legend is complete crap.. you have one doge every 20 seconds (I dont know the actual time but in a fight its a looooong time) and this would be ok if the mobility skills could actually be cast when needed. I have to either:

A) only auto attack and save energy for mobility skills to dodge...(cant kill anything).... or

B) do damage and take incoming damage from everything that comes at me and die super quick. legit... I do less damage on the alliance stance and have absolutely 0 mobility than the dragon stance or renegade. THE ONLY thing good about this legend is i can use my Eternity, but its almost not worth it. 

I would be fine if they just give us 2 dodges and decrease all the skill damage and buffs by half... This alliance legend needs a complete overhaul.

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