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Icon for Fishing Party Tier seems wrong during catch mini game

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I had the fishing party buff towards tier 3 (about 30 catches) and the icon that shows that during the catching mini game said as much. Then I teleported over the map and lost the progress towards this bonus (Fishing Party Catches buff stated as much).

But the icon on the right side during catch event stated i was still Tier 3 (It showed progress towards the next tier as if i was progressing to tier 2). 

The fishing power bonus was (as intended) back to tier 1.

After swapping map it was back to the usual tier 1 icon.

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I think it's a long standing bug since EoD released. I remember the tier with the Roman numerals staying the same after losing the fishing party buff and not visually updating until you managed to get to the previous amount of stacks you had before it bugged out.

It's a bit annoying but as far as I can tell it's a visual/UI bug only. The fishing power in the Hero Panel and the Fishing Party Catches buff on the buff bar are the reliable indicators.

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