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Looking for an Eu guild that has a core Wvw team with regular raids. server is unimportant as am happy to move as long as your not full for a long period. preferably a large guild with full guild hall but that's not as important as an active team. Also interested in pve/Raids/fractals in wvw off time. I have at least one of every class at 80 and kitted but mostly play Necro. played gw2 from beta and gw1 for years before that. Must be a mature guild, i am friendly and easy going but quiet, 40, married, have no interest in bitching/trolling.I have run guilds, been an officer/a recruiter am always happy to help when i can. Have ts3, discord, headset, no problem with funds for transfer and the willingness to kill to get where i am going. igm Twistedvonsoul.3249

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