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Skimmer speed bug

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Something is seriously wrong with skimmer speeds. They appear fine on water where I have checked, but on land they usually slow down to walking speed for no reason (but sometimes they seem to move at their normal speed instead).


An easy place to check is at Fishing Hamlet in Seitung Province - if I approach from the sea, it's fine, if I float around the docks/beach area it seems to be okay on land too, but as I move to the edges of the town into the wilds the skimmer slows down like I enabled walking or like I was pulling heavy objects for certain events.

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same same : Skimmer speed is bugged - usually  over land. Also skimmer  is forced to stay low and cannot rise (for me very notable at Siren's Landing around the JP)  and needs re-summoning for normal skimming 

Places where Skimmer speed breaks : Most of Sandswept isles, Siren's Landing, Ember Bay and Seitung Province. Infrequently in Kaineng city as well

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