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[Bug] New Kaineng City Raptor Runner Archievement

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The archievement of "Raptor Runner:: New Kaineng City: From the top of the stairs leading to the Echovald Forest at the Petrified Woods, ride a raptor to the kirin statue near the Sunjang Lab in under 1 minute without dismounting or teleporting." can't be completed because no area of any of the stairs is showing the archievement when you mount on your raptor. I have done all the other raptor and springer runs so far, but this one won't let me start.


- I tried to stand on the highest stairs I found there, stood at the end of the stairs leading to the Echovald portal. No matter where I go with my raptor, the archievement icon with a timer ticking down won't start. It's the only run that is having this issue and therefor can't be completed.

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The stairs that trigger the achievement are not the stairs in the southeast corner of the map (these lead to Arborstone). The stairs you should start from are the stairs to the east of the Petrified Shipping Docks point of interest and mastery point (which lead to Echovald Forest). 


Hope this helps!

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