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Dragons End Meta needs the Bronze Silver Gold Success System

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Unfortunately, no matter which side of this argument you fall on (nerf or no nerf), the new meta is generating a lot of toxicity among players and making it just very unpleasant for everyone.


The fight is fun and I dont want to see it nerfed or changed in any major way - with the exception of doing something about the grief-ability of the wisp phase - but something does need to be done or Anet risks disillusioning an important section of their playerbase.


I dont understand why Anet abandoned the old Bronze/Silver/Gold success model for fights like this (and that are even used in some POF strike missions). Give those groups who can beat the current timer gold, but, for those that can't, let the fight continue for silver and bronze tier rewards (all of which include the turtle egg), with appropriate rewards for each.


This gives players room to improve - and a reason to keep coming back to the fight.

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