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Achievement EoD act 1: Invervention and Derring-Do bugged. Didn't count or trigger

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So I've attempted this several times over the course of several days and it's just not working.

Support said I'm supposed to get this https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Qualify_for_Intervention effect on me but no such effect is present.


It kind of halted my progression.


I would be lying if I said I was not a tad frustrated by it. :)

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I was trying tog et this earlier and this is what finally worked for me:  Don't click the Aurene empowerment when you go into Mai-Trin boss room, taking the empowerment buff disqualifies  you for the achievement.  Same applies for the "intervention" achievement.  I don't know if it effect it but i also did not use the "-" skill for combo skill when fighting Ivan before Mai.

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1 hour ago, LordTurdel.9671 said:

yeah just did it today on my spectre with a literal timer next to me ... no credit 

Is there a visible eligibility on this one? (I think I remember there being one.) If so, did you still have the eligibility buff when the fight was going on?

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