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Warrior arms trait...swing and a miss


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I relied heavily on this trait line as a core warrior to land critical damage and stack some bleed damage, but now I really have no clue where I am meant to get good precision since blade master had change.

The 5 secs of fury doesn't help too much as you only get it:IF the burst lands and Only afterwards...also has a 15 sec cooldown....and if you don't get boon stripped

There was also a good damage boost against targets that were bleeding, but now bloodlust does very little effect as well (33% on a 54% crit chance to put 3 secs of 1 stack of bleeding with the 1050 precision). The stacking on vulnerability also did extra damage and adds a condition that could act as a "sacrifice" for condition removal. In general the condition damage buffs from this trait line aren't all that great as there is, mostly bleed...one condition which can be removed easily and bleed doesn't deal alot of damage by itself before its removed and he precision strikes are really not there to get crit bonuses.

So I feel like I have lost that sweet blade technique....

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