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Help me stick with GW2

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I've been a Guild Wars player since the very first day of Guild Wars Prophecies 17 years ago and love the game. Still play on a regular basis. Guild Wars 2 however i've been off and on since launch and although the game is stunning to look at and a lot of fun to play somehow i lose interest after a couple weeks and end up not playing it for months. I think most of the problem is because i used to play with a lot of friends who were all US/CA based and im EU. This was never an issue because i would play nights anyways. Now however family life kicked in and i cant pull the all nighters anymore.


This caused me to play the game solo for 99% of the time and i think thats why i cant stick with it. So i figured let's find a new bunch of people to play with!


Little about myself:


Name is Michael, 33 years old born and living in the Netherlands. I'm looking for a cool group of people, prefferably aged 21+. My work is a bit odd in the sense that i work 7 nights (~80 hours) a week, then get a week off, so i might be on quite a bit one week and hardly any the next. I play to relax and have fun and while i was very much into the High End stuff in GW1 i'm a rookie realy in GW2. Theres lots i have never gotten into but would love to try. Fractals, Dungeons, WvW... the type of stuff you don't realy play solo basically.


Character wise i mostly play "Haleigh Quinn" a daredevil Thief my girlfriend made, but then decided never to play

or my reaper Necromancer "Reapers Aspect".


Let me know if there's anything else you might want to know 🙂

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