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Jade Bot Recyclers: Automatic?

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There seems to be "junk" and "junk"...

Junk dropped by killed foe gets converted (it drops, gets "shown" on the right side of the UI and immediately converted); Junk dropped by bags does not seem to work (e.g. the bags you get from Converter bags); I am not sure about junk in chests.

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I had a decent pile of trash on the first toon i put the recycler on. Roughly 200. After equipping the module, the first trash that dropped converted all identical trash into slivers instantly. I believe this is unintended, and the reason for aNet  secretly disabling the module, because you would be able to get full value from the module while only equipping it for a few kills every so often. 

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20 minutes ago, Teana.7623 said:

Has this been fixed yet?

Yes, it is fixed. I'm updating the Jade Sliver wiki page which junk is recycled.

I'm not sure if it is a design oversight or just a simple bug that junk from containers is not recycled, so you have to keep it in the inventory and get it as a drop to be recycled, like Shocking Crystal or Spike.

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