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Bladesworn or Holosmith?

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Hi all.

I haven't had the chance to proper test Bladesworn in the betas.


I haven't bought the xpac yet, but will eventually. 

The dilema is the following.

I have an Holosmith that I use for Role-playing purposes, but I never use the Holo/Heat mode.

I just don't like any aspect of it.

I chose it because of the ability to use a sword and a gun; and 1 or 2 Utility Skills.

The core engie elixirs also suits the character well.

But the medium armour visuals is what mostly made me choose Holosmith for this character.


However, the Gunsabre is the ideal weapon for this RP character.... I think.


Is Bladesworn worth it... and shall I delete my Holosmith to eventually make a Bladesworn, or you guys that had a proper chance to test it properly by now think it's better to keep my Holo?


Appreciate your oppinions. 


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Dont delete characters.

Bladesworn to me is really confused. I wont rant here, you can check the warrior forums, I dont think many people like it. Besides I dont think sword and pistol go well together, one is more condi and the other is power. But you have the same issue on holo. 

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Don't delete characters, you get birthday presents on them, and they grant you cool stuff.

Besides, if you didn't max out character slots, there's literally no upside to deleting characters when you can buy a character slot and make a new one.

Also... Why aren't you using holo mode? Cause if you weren't using that, what makes you think you'll like gunblade mode? And if sword/pistol is your only concern, why not mesmer? That way you don't have to switch modes and stay in sword/pistol without losing anything.

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