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Can we please do something about this filthy sewer slime??


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You know exactly what i'm talking about


That dirty look making every thing ugly and nastsy looking from the untamed..... wtf???

..... crawling sstraight out the sewer

I'm literally walking around and laughing at in cities and ppl are agreeing and sad to look at their ranger with this... Soulbeast was already too much but this is next level.

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On 3/4/2022 at 10:15 PM, Abyssisis.3971 said:

If you don’t like the green goo effect, just do what I did to fix it, equip as many legendaries as possible to block it out with all the shiny legendary effects lol


Tried that ended up with temporary blindness due to all the uber bling! O_O


But yeah PLEASE give us the option to hide the ugly effects... keep thinking the pet is sick or something...

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I agree with this so much I like the new spec well enough despite some of the issues but the skill effects really don't look good. Does anet have a track record of changing stuff like this?

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I'd like a way to hide the effect on the pet as well, or for it to fade when you're out of combat.

Since it's temporary on your character and only shows permanently on the pet one option is to keep the ranger unleashed and only swap to the pet when necessary, but I find that quite awkward because ideally I want the skills the other way around when I start combat.

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