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With Guardian Aegis Gone, Alacrity Mirage Can Become the Next Group Aegis Provider


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Mirage makes this build come together. Here is the idea of the build, but feel free to tweak it:


The inspiring distortion trait in Inspiration grants 4 other members in the party aegis (not the mesmer), but this is fine because in order for this to happen you need to grant yourself distortion. Distortion comes from using signets with grandmaster trait Blurred Inscriptions. Signet of Inspiration is the main one that should be used first when aegis is needed, but it has a cast time. If you need instant aegis for party however, signet of midnight is instant. All signets can be used if needed. The healing signet will create a chaos storm, which should also be used. Signet of domination does significant break bar damage and remove 5 boons from the target. The reason Alacrity Mirage makes this work is the fact that if we have the Desert Distortion trait from Mirage, every time we use a signet and distort, ambush attacks become available, thus we also provide alacrity and boost our damage at the same time.

With the builds that I have here, aegis duration reaches almost 3 seconds (2.75), which is a safe amount of time to prepare for an upcoming aoe attack. The build loses a little damage compared to regular alacrity mirage, but can provide minor healing, a lot of aegis uptime and much easier alacrity and might uptime, one party wide condition removal and better revive.

Chaos Storm does also provide aegis, but that's a bit random. However, coupled with what the build does, the aegis uptime is very high.




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I like it. But I'm wondering, if you don't mind foregoing offense but just focus on support/defense, Could Superior sigil of concentration instead of bursting, help with the boons given to allies? As well as using stats that dish out concentration points for more extended boons instead of extended condi. Expertise is for condi duration.


I forgot if concentration helps with outgoing boons. Self-boons i know, but allied boons idk.

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Hey! I was messing around theorycrafting a similar build. It started out as a solo/dps-supp Virtuoso build where i was thinking i might be able to get pretty good dps using the blocking traits to get (potentially) very fast blade regeneration, while giving out a decent amount of aegis and stab to allies. But i also discovered that it could be more natural to put such an aegis support on mirage as you can also give alac, so i came up with this: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PigAYZlVwSYHMLmJe6T6PLA-zRhYNBFYGVAaYyB5XGZmCpWB+OA-e


The gear I've chosen is a bit random and needs to be optimized, but basically i started from celestial and then tried to focus out the relevant stats. The ones ive put there are stat types that may be interesting (marshall could also have a place). Basically its very similar to your build but has some stability and healing at the cost of damage and a signet. Not sure how much the healing would actually be though, and it seems that it will be tough to upkeep 100% stability even with 100% BD. Perhaps a quickness/aegis/stab Chrono might have an easier time, with improved alacrity and disregarding healing? 

Did you do any testing for these aegis/stab builds? I dont have legendary gear so its a bit tricky for me to test, would love to see/hear how you do vs the golem 🙂

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