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[EoD] Valdhertz Crypts always buggy

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On my first attempt, the door to the chest room was open, but I couldn't interact with the chests as I had not had the fights required to become eligible.

On my second attempt, the Heart (?) of Grenth was there and the door was closed, but the Heart was invulnerable and there was nothing I could do.

On my third attempt, the two spirits stand there at 16% health and are friendly. Nothing happens, they are bugged and stall progress. The door is open (from someone having played through it before me), but I can't - again - open the chests as I am not eligible for the rewards.

Can you PLEASE fix this mini-dungeon? I love it, but I never get any rewards from doing it. 😐

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I am also having similar problems with this puzzle. For me, the doors are always open, but the chests can't be looted. I don't know if the puzzles are supposed to vary, but for me they are always the one using levers to turn squares a certain color and the matching weapons to statues one. No boss enemies ever spawn and the chests can never be looted.

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I entered with multiple players (6?).

We progressed through, fought the npcs and the heart, won and:

-Some of us couldnt open  any chests

-Some (me included) could open 2 chests from the right, not others

-Some could open 1-2 after mashing F repeatably.

We were all quite puzzled.







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In there now on IP 19. No enemies to fight, did the two puzzles. End room containing the six chests is open. Both end NPCs are friendly and at 16% health.


The map broadcast of me doing the two puzzles occurred. But because I can't fight anything, I'm not getting an achievement.

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