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Smart Story Increments

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There is nothing worse than to start a segment of your story when you are on a time budget only to find that it is going to take you way too much time to finish the story element in time. At such times the only recourse is to abort the story to be run later. Would it be too much trouble for Anet to be able to assign credit for story objectives already done for aborted story component so that when you restart the story you can pick up where you left off ?

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I ask this because I am doing "Extraction Point" in the story and through my own dawdling (grabbing POI's and Vistas) my blue progress bar for "Helping your allies in Dragon's End...." , which was about 60% complete, has disappeared. I tried in vain retracing my steps only to find I can not retrieve it. This is the reason for this thread so my question is two-fold. 

1)Is there a way to restore the blue progress bar while still within the instance ?

2)My general question to Anet that such allowances be made for leaving and returning to a story constituent.



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OK, I figured out how to salvage my story. I just joined in "reclaiming the Jade Brotherhood oupost from the void" (Red Circle of siege activity) and that seemed to kick the story back into gear. I'm not sure if that was what the "Extraction Point" called for but heh, I am happy. Over and out. OH ! BTW, great game Anet ! I give you guys a SOLID A for the expansion. The hearts are finally meaningful, the scenery/graphics are beautiful, the additions to the game (bots, skiffs, zip lines etc.) are very COOL and the story, save for one (so far) has been straightforward. So you guys all deserve a giant ATTABOY !

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