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No complaints, only praise in this thread

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Way too many complaint posts, if I was a Dev in this game I would have had a terrible time reading this forum. So I want to dedicate this thread for a postive vibe. 

What I flet great in the game:

> Easy HP runs! - Easier than Pof

> Easy MPs - a bunch of mastery points easy to grab

> Big well developed immersive maps (apart from it burning my potato laptop) 

> Fishing is good, the animations and the annoying bar which goes right immediately when I want to go left lol nice touch, haven't fished much yet tho(anyone know if there's a fishing merchant outside cantha). 

> Skiffs are cool! The mechanical sounds they make are good, and the mechanics of it is good. Hope to see boat races in future!

> Jade bot as a drone is really good, would like to see it be used outside cantha too! And aslo hope we can just deploy it (or deploy the station). 

> Cantha music is great! 

>The new pets (especially cute little turtle) is nice! 


That's all I explored till now, would like to try out several other stuffs (like strikes, siege turtles) and find hidden stuffs (if any)! 

P.s. Noice last minute touch on the poor kitten, lol. 

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I'm really enjoying it too.  I love New Kaineng City so much! So much to see and so beautiful!

Fishing and the skiff are both things I know I'll spend lots of time with.  I'm taking my time with the story so there's lots more in store for me to get to, that's the high points for me so far.  Agree with all your other points too.

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True, HP's are very easy to grab, it will for sure encourage me to run all classess to get new specs just for the sake of having it unlocked.


MP's also nice and easy, even with achivments. I'm not a "achivment hunter" guy and really strugle to get icebrood saga ones ( it was so annyoing to get those, i hated it), right know i just missing 3 MP, but already choosen achivs i will done later so, it feels good.


Ideas for maps are cool, thats it. i will shut up and not add more, gonna keep this positive.


For now i tried only kaineng strike with some randoms gathered from map and i loved it. Hard enough (ppl were going downstate pretty often) BUT we were still able to overcome this 1st try, despite those mistakes. I really like encounters when you can just go, improvise, have hard time but still succed. It's waaaaay more interesting, than having "perfect runs" where 1 mistake ruins everything or you have perfect runs all the time and its kinda boring. Someone can laugh "downstate is new meta" but heck, it's still punishing when someone goes downstate, but it doesn't mean it's not doable. You have to adapt, improvise, adjust and just go go go. I liked that. Keeps flow of the fight.

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