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"In the Name of the Law" new bug stopping all story progress

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So I'll start by saying I know about the one where you finish the HP then try do the story and you have to wait a day for it to reset, this is not that.

After fighting the HP, I get the dialogue from the NPC as usual, but I crashed mid speach. Upon re-loading back in, my quest objectives are greyed out and checked as if compleated, but no new objective was given.


I have tried the following:

  • Restarting my game
  • Letting someone else start the HP
  • Starting a different story, then going back to this one
  • Quitting the story
  • Guesting to another server
  • Going to where the next story objective would start


I still have the objectives compleated and greyed out after all that, my only hope is that daily reset it may fix it.


Images of my objectives:

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