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Power Virtuoso was better in the First Beta than it is on Release.

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Yep, you heard that right. This is mainly because of two things:

1. Greatsword auto, Sword auto and Blurred Frenzy used to count as blade skills, meaning they applied Vulnerability with Deadly Blades (minor trait). This functionality should be restored. Curiously, Mirror Blade and Mind Stab still count as blade skills and  apply vulnerability as intended.

2. Blade Renewal (Distortion utility), when cancelled (stowed), would retain the full 3 second Distortion duration on you. You would lose out on the blade recharge. This made it possible to do stuff like safe-cast Mass Invisibility or Ether Feast, which is sorely needed for Virtuoso to be able to deal with burst from the likes of DH, Thief, Rev, to make up for not having Distortion on F4. I highly regret reporting this bug, even though I specified in the report that it should not have been fixed due to providing options and promoting skillful gameplay.

In conclusion, power Virtuoso would have been better if the developers had not touched it at all in the 6 months from the first beta to release.

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