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Dragon End Meta bugged - Breakbars, Bubbles, Tornados, Tail / Dash Mechanic

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After the patch I noticed a few things


  • The breakbar being broke doesn't prevent her from switching sides / enabling tail mechanic. This makes the recent change worthless as she just dashes during the time now, or summons a tail so you can't damage her.
  • The breakbar happens with RNG. We had one breakbar one fight, and two another. This makes no way to 'plan' or 'coordinate' for the breakbar, Having to count on luck to get breakbars to win isn't fun.
  • The dash attack between 0-40% is way too frequent. It seems like the changes to remove the time inbetween phases may have affected this and made it worse.
  • The tail mechanic happens too frequently after 20% - Once you get past 20% you have to do the three bosses, this is already complex enough to coordinate. Even if you perfectly coordinate that, and get everyone back to the platform, a single tail phase with her dashing can ruin it. We had 3 minutes AFTER the 3 champions were down with everyone back on the platform. We were doing a lot of DPS, but between 4 dash swaps, 2 tail phases and half the team being in bubbles / tornados (see below) we lost.
  • After 20% - the amount of bubbles / tornados caused by the tail phase is ridiculous. We had a team of maybe 40~ and more than half the people were stuck in bubbles / tornados for the last 3 minutes of the fight. What people were left were trying to pop them, but as people respawned and flew back in they would get bubbled again. 



To add to the above, to be clear I'm not advocating for making the fight easy, but between the break bar not preventing some of the other mechanics, and the RNG of which events happen in general (esp after 20% when you've just had to coordinate a 3 way team split) adds up to make this too hard for the average player. I think this is by far the best fight in the game, but the RNG in some of the mechanics makes 'securing' the win not skill based, which I don't think is what yall are going for.

One of our post-patch runs we did everything we could right as a PUG team (We 'failed' both wisp phases but no one died during the wave, most of our top DPS had the buff, this is probably as good as a 'pug' group can expect), we hit every breakbar we got, we DPSed all the bosses perfectly evenly without slowing down, we swapped to tail each time it came up, had 3 minutes at the end to kill her and lost every advantage we had gained from coordination to the lack of a break bar past 20%, two tail phases (we broke the first one quickly, and proceeded to DPS as fast as we could, but the second one screwed us). If we had gotten one Poison mechanic, or a break bar during the final part, or one less tail, we would have cleared it. The tail bubbles mixed with the vortexes made getting teammates back almost impossible.

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