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Would Iceblood Saga have been a decent expansion if it was built for that?

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I actually didn't hate Icebrood Saga.   Sure, I'm not a huge fan of Braham or the Char, so didn't get into the story as much as others, but I didn't find MOST of it awful.


The only thing I actually genuinely hated was the mandatory 90000 Dragon Response missions you had to run at the end.   It just felt horrible and repetitive having to do basically the same exact thing over and over.

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I do not like Braham's character much, whiney, reminds me of Lisa Simpson.


But... The Icebrood Saga was a pretty good LW Story and I loved some of the content and maps. Being a GW1 player since day one, I have always liked the Charr and I also loved EotN when that was released. So I loved the new maps. Bjora Marches and Drizzlewood in particular. The Drizzlewood map meta was pretty good, especially with the extended map. I still go back and play them now. pretty fun when you just want to chill in a group, get some good rewards and spam your bow.

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If it had properly been done as an expansion, it could have been good. But that'd have required drastic changes, including a proper way to deal with Jormag instead of wasting Primordus as a pathetic mcguffin and no dragon response waste of time missions.

Owl should have survived and be a crucial part to defeating Jormag, ascending to a fifth Great Spirit in the process.

Almorra should have survived, too. Killing her off had literally no meaning to it.

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