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Need help with "Help the sailors deliver their goods"

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The options on the basket you interact with offer the choice to either carry a fish from the basket to the Peddler or provide aid by catching fish yourself. I like to fish so I chose the option to fish myself. Nothing happened, but I ran to the end of the dock anyway and cast my line figuring if I caught a fish an option would pop-up to give it to someone. Caught a dozen fish then remembered I was trying to do the event so ran back to the basket. No option to give my fish there. Ji-Cheol doesn't have a dialogue option. When I go to the peddler I'd delivered fish to using the "carry a fish" choice they don't talk to me either.

Is this a bug or am I completely missing some aspect? 🤔

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Trying the event again right now and still can't turn in fish I catch anywhere. The Peddler won't talk to me even though I had several fish in my inventory. I tried filleting a few of them to see if that's what they wanted and still no interaction. The Peddler will only take fish from the basket on the dock. = \

Also, and I don't know if this deliberate, but the Peddler has a female model and has been linked to a male voice. If that's a choice all good. Just wanted to mention it in case it's not deliberate / part of the event bug.

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