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Understanding Dragon's End Meta

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Method to aiding those in Dragons End unlock their turtles is simple considering the platforms are huge and have enough room to build momentum for the HIGH CC&Damage ammo...YOU as a Siege Turtle Rider have a role, DONT DIE and keep moving. A Commander tag will MARK you so your rider can find you easier. Higher masteries in the turtle very much help. Nuke the hell out of targets and KEEP MOVING, STAY ALIVE!

REMEMBER...ONCE we get everyone their turtles DE will be cake. Turtles are KEY!

Commanders: to help everyone keep up with the turtle drivers, mark them with the commander marks...if the turtle somehow dies, make sure Alacrity is on em as it helps reduce the spawn for next turtle usage. together we can make DE a cake walk 

~~Lithril - Previous TTS owner of guild #12
Feel free to post any other tricks and tips i havent gotten around to adding yet (10% event buff, offensive and defensive jade tech buffs, food, Waystations, Cons and such.

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