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Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Questions.

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I'm trying to do this strike and i have a few things i need help with to make the fight easier for me and others when they need explanation.

1. During Li Circle spread, i know we need to dodge when he cleaves but may i ask if we take his cleave up front + circle damage as an individual can we actually survive ? Because sometimes i see others do this and end up fine but some cases resulted in instant down.

2. During 3 champs phase, strategy wide which one of the 3 you're recommend hitting first ? My case mostly ppl focus on Ritualist first but some said killing off the Enforcer first would make the fight less tense but overall this phase is easy.

3. During bot and sniper phase, this phase is what i've found the most difficult. So there are a lot of talk around hitting the bot first and some said hit the sniper first, which one are you recommend hitting first ?. If we hitting the bot then do we completely ignore the sniper's mechanic or have one person with CC assigned to do the job ?. Also can someone explain to me what should i do if i am the one doing Sniper mechanic ? because last time i went up and break her CC i can't get back down, the tele behind her is unusable, me and one other stuck there when we tried to glide down = instant dead.

Any helps are welcome, thank you in advance.

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Right from what i've seen.

1. If you fail to dodge the sweep and have no block or anything like it, AND no stability to emergency heal yourself after the sweep. it's designed to kill you.

If you have block for the sweep, then you wont go down obv. cuzz only the explosion doesn't do enough
if you have stability for the sweep, you can sometimes emergency heal yourself before the circle goes off.

2. Mind whatever -> ritualist -> enforcer

cuz the enforcer poses no threat in the slightest when he's alone, just dont stand in the blue fire, and step away when he does the aoe in the middle.
The ritualist is not super problematic either not really. i kinda forget what he does, but it is more annoying than the enforcer, think it's the circles? the big ones

Mind whatever, i forget the name, but actually has an annoying Auto attack that can do quite some dmg, aswell as the huge wind tornado storm kitten. if combined with other things it's quite percarious, so she is the first target in my groups.

3. let's break down what the sniper does (and i am not 100% sure on ALL of the mechanics)
She can teleport to a roof, and start a long snipe cast. There is diffrent kind's of snipes.
A. she can snipe from a corner roof where there is a zipline activated, Someone or 2 people should go up to CC break her, IF SUCCESFUL the teleporter activates bringing you back down. if you fail, you have to glide down, and yes you get downed for doing so.
B. she can snipe from a corner/center roof, without zipline available, in this case look at the target
Green circle? stack with the target to split the damage. so everyone takes very little.
Faint red circle a bit bigger. this is one i am unsure about, i've seen people say stack, to "obscure the target" kindof an idea.but it doesn't always work like that? maybe with a block-on-command??
alternatively it's a this person needs to be alone, if that attack is weak-ish, i expect it to function like the small exploding circles, where you just dont wana hit others? but it makes no sense unless there's splash damage which the bosses do pulse every so often.

the other mechanic is that the Mech and the sniper, need to always kinda stay within 20% health of eachother, i have seen groups bruteforce it through just killing the sniper asap cuz her mechanics are still kindof iffy, and more annoying to deal with.
they have a buff called "equalizer belt" something, every % diffrence is a stack, and at 20 stacks i procs "the equaliser" which i am unsure what that does, maybe it makes us weak? so pulsing damage actually becomes a problem, because i have noticed sometime people dropping in bunches.

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