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Jade Maw / Dragon's Maw drops nothing

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It appears there is a bug, only for me, that I do not receive rewards for killing the Dragon's Maw.
Up to this point I managed to kill it 3 times already, the first time I did not receive any rewards while the last 2 times I did receive the map participation (a bit of karma and some scrap) but no event reward (event chest) that would, with other stuff, also give me my last piece for the turtle saddle.
All the GM answering my support ticket could say is to keep trying. So all I can do today is to continue camping the event, not participating anywhere else and report every single time I don't get a reward.

EDIT: try number 4 gave it to me. the only difference to the other tries was that I died at the end.

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Yeah I got a bone as reward, no Tools for Turtle. Either this is a RND drop or it is major bugged. Like the scaling bug that already breaks this event. Nothing from ANET, so ignorant sometimes.


Soon as I've cleared achievements in EOD - I will NEVER play those maps EVER again. FUSTRATION IS NOT FUN ANET!!!!

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