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New Kaineng map feels like an unfinished map

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I like the city overall but if you walk in the city you feel like this city is really empty...

There's only a few citizens and Npcs , no ambient dialogues , no services (Bank / TP / even restaurants that u can order/buy food would be nice),  no markets or festive activities and even secret places/dark alley in the huge city...  Would be nice if there's some hidden side stories/quests in Kaineng.

Lack of non-combat activities, it doesnt even have race event, would love to see more mini games and chill events there.

Many buildings look like the same (when there are various ancient chinese/japanese buildings look irl that you can inspired from) and you can't enter and explore.

Would be nice to have a small player housing system in Kaineng that you can buy / rent a small apartment there.

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