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Skiff issue, just a bit different.

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Ok, I'm aware that the bug about " I purchased the skiff before completing the heart and now my story is stuck at purchasing the skiff" thread. And yes for most people Quit Chapter 5: A Scenic Route in your story journal, start a different chapter, and then restart Chapter 5 has worked for others. But not for me. Even after going back and redoing everything, including the heart, I'm still unable to move forward. And worse it wont just let me move forward it crashes my game. Evert time I try to launch the skiff the game melts down.  Full error report and everything. And I get this crash on every single character on my account. Its been 5 days now. I cant get access to jade bots or other aspects of the game in the new expansion. Im able to walk into other maps (Echovald, Kain, etc) & skillpoints. But I cannot access anything thats story related.

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