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Soybean nodes?

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Soybeans are needed for three of the elite specialization collections (those that wear light armour) and I can only find 4 nodes in the game, all in Seitung Province. Are there more?

  1. Two nodes on the island north of Eastern Aetherblade Crash Site
  2. Two nodes in the garden west of Seitung Prison

The medium and heavy armour elite specialization collections have many more nodes available: Petrified Echovald Saplings (The Echovald Wilds) and Jadeite Veins (End of Dragons).

Given that all 3 resources are in different maps, it makes sense for Seitung Province to be the location of all Soybean nodes, but there are only 4. Each of the other 2 have many more locations. Perhaps the existence of only 4 nodes in Seitung is a bug?

EDIT TO ADD: I found 2 more nodes south of Seitung Prison, on the cliff above. 6 nodes total, so far.

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