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I Got You in a LANDSLIDE!

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Hey Anet,

This Stone trainer kick in the face thing is so stupid and kitten? I mean I can only do 2 dodges before out of stamina but his attacks are relentless?'

If my toon step out of the ring for recovery he do his bow thing, his indicator changing red to green. Does this make the counter reset!??

2nd day and still at Stone Trainer Ring! Struck?
Either he managed to backkick me somehow, some random dude jump into the ring and mess everything up. If not these then my daily limit is depleted.
There is no counter. His sneaky sudden backkick always get me. Sometime 2 "Dodged" msg will appear when I dodge, sometime none. 
How am I suppose to get this done.  All his 4 or 5 moves have different timing. 

I as expectedly reached limit on day 2, and is looking to a 3rd day of Stone Trainer's. Not until I realised the phase is passed and I can progress.
The trick seem to not leave the arena nomatter what. if you have to step out, have someone in ring to keep Trainer busy, and reenter the fray quickly when you have stamina.

I been bitching about this Stone Trainer but sure hope the experience helps someone out!

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