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GW2RPC 2.35: Automatic Discord Raid Announcer

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Hi all! The GW2 Rich presence addon has a new feature: The Automatic Raid Announcer.

This means that it will send a message to your specified discord channel as soon as you press the 'Create squad' button in game. (~15s delay) to announce that you tagged up.

 In this message it will display your current map, character, a chatcode to join your squad and a chatcode to your closest point of interest. This is how it looks like.
 You will not have to interact with Discord or the GW2RPC addon in any way to send the announcement, except setting it up once and having it running the background.

How to set up raid announcer

  1. Install GW2RPC. See the previous post for instructions or hop on our discord server for help.
  2. Create a discord webhook URL for the channel you want it to send to.
  3. Add the URL to the `config.ini` file. If you used GW2RPC before you need to replace your config file with the new one. It should look like this:

webhook = https://discord.com/api/webhooks/887....b3bfdyCiz7y
AnnounceRaid = True
DisableInWvW = False

You can specify several webhooks by separating them with a comma.

How to disable a set up Raid announcer
If you don't want to announce your raid you can easily toggle it off.

Simply right click on the tray icon and click on "Announce raid" to toggle it off and on. This menu option is only available if a webhook is set up.

Feedback, suggestions and bugs
If you have any suggestions or find any bugs, hop on our discord server

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