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Thanks, but one thing is missing...

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First of all I want to sya one big thank you to the A-net team. The X-pac is awsome, incredibly well done!

But, i miss love to character creation.... I want my characters look (even naked) to keep up with all the nice skins that have been added. I hope this will come as u mentioned something about the makeover kits, but if not...

Could we plz get:

* New horns for charr (antler/asian dragon indpired), with and without ornaments.

* New fur patterns, inspired by oryx, okapi ... 

* More hairstyles where 2 colours on THE HAIR, can be used.

* Even more faces are always welcome. But plz check for buggy behaviour(while making emotes and when the character talks) before releasing them. 


And the equivalent things forcotherxraces ofc...



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I was actually expecting them to add makeover kit exclusive hair/faces for release for some reason~ I guess cuz it's just been a long while. I feel like there're a good handful of new fodder NPCs with faces not available to us currently.

(( I still want a Trahearne tier Sylvariboi face >.< ))

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  • Frostfang.5109 changed the title to Thanks, but one thing is missing...

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