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The will-o'-wisp - End of Dragons - they are everywhere.

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I've found 3 types of this will-o'-wisp where you get a chest if you react to things on the maps.  In this video it is a short, very shoet adventure. 
I don't know what Anet calls it, mini adventures or what, but I am calling it the will-o'-wisp 


This is the rock one @ New Kaineng, above the power plant, next to the heros point.


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3 hours ago, SweetPotato.7456 said:

Oh I See, I didn't get any achievement! strange. 


You have to follow them all the way to the end and open the chest.


You also won't get an achievement pop-up until you find all of them, but you can track progress under the achievement panel for the maps - for example in Seitung it's called "Spiritual Childcare"

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