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So, did Tourette's Guy write this expansion? [FLUFF]

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I'm no prude by any means, gang. One running joke in my guild is my opinion of hydras which I can't repeat here.

But there certainly has been an uptick in what Mr. Spock called "colorful metaphors" in this expansion. Yes, the Commander's unintended trip to Cantha, the resurgence of those notorious sky pirates, and the exasperated Canthan authorities are all playing a part in the tension here.

And speaking of the sky pirates, why are they so fixated on my charr necro's..ah, tail? I think I caught three or four references to that just during the opening instance. Between that and the revelation that the bodice-ripper writing charr is in the vicinity, he's afraid to go out alone in public.

I'm not complaining here, just making an observation. Years of repeatedly saving the world can be stressful. I just don't want to see it get to the point where Aurene snaps and unleashes a torrent of dragon-level profanity. Remember, the last time somebody screamed in Cantha it petrified the forest and turned the sea to jade.

And to this day we don't even know what Shiro said!

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9 minutes ago, Justforvisit.3709 said:

Probably something along the lines of "GODDAMIT, I HATE THE DRAGON'S END META!"

"Dragon's end meta fill teach those mortals what the reall suffering is"
                                                                                                                Dhuum upon his repeated imprisonment, definitely.

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1 hour ago, Caitybee.3614 said:

I noticed that too! I was surprised how much profanity was allowed into the story dialogue. Even Rytlock almost says "cluster f-" you get the idea lol.

"Cluster-mess" is how I phrase it...I work in a public library and really can't be heard channeling George Carlin, however much I might want to at times.  😄


Maybe Carlin or Tourette's Guy will be the next revenant elite spec. That would be hilarious. 

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