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Size options for Mech?

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Has someone mentioned needing some size options for the Mechanist Mech? Sure does look pretty funny with an Asura Engineer. LOL

How about we get to choose 3 sizes ? Huge - the way it is. Medium - 1/2 as big And Small - As tall as the typical Asura.

I love the whole  Eye Candy esthetic of the Mech, and all, but Seriously. For most stuff isn't it just way too big? In a big battle don't we want to shrink these things down?

And if I set the size of my mech, how about I see everyone elses mech that size. So make this size an Option for the account? That way when I go into a Meta event with 50 folks I get to see more than all the Eye Candy Mechs covering everyting else up.

Don't we need some control over this?

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