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Some nauseatic causing effects in EoD maybe need an overlook?

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Hey everybody,

two things that I came across the new addon recently that I think should have an overlook and slight adjustment by Arenanet (no, not talking about the DE meta or the Strike here).

First: The flickering of the lights in Kaineng in the meta, when the power grid is malfunctioning: I'm not an epileptic and think of myself as healthy in that regards, never had any issues with video games, but the frequency of the light flickering in Kaineng on such a huge area of the screen is very, very, very unpleasent to watch, to a point where it made me feel a slight nausea.....I had to leave the map because I really didn't want to find out how that would evolve further.

But the fix here should be a simple one, just tone down the frequency of the flickering of the lights I'd say.

Second: I've got a weak condition of thalassophobia, in regards of that it only kicks in under very specific conditions, so I guess I'm on the lucky side here, but when there's an underwater enviroment that is either very dark or very vast (or, hrng, both combined.....) it really kicks in some sense of high level fright. Like, for example that underwater stretch north of Malchor's Leap? Nopenopenope me the hell out of there....ever since I saw it once I've never went back there....but the easy part: I can avoid that easily.

Now, in the new addon, there are sequences where you are FORCED into such enviroments without ANY warning.....and it really didn't feel so well. I mean, it at least wasn't all dark and the enviroment didn't seem too vast, but for me it was on the edge of my fright level....could just face it but it was really much, much, way too much tension. I don't even dare to wonder what a "true" thalassophobic might feel like when he gets thrown under water without warning....maybe it would help to have a trigger warning here? Or make the transition to these parts less...dunno...less "abrupt", or "invading"?

Anyways, I would like to hear your thoughts on this topic or if I'm all alone with these feelings?

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