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Simpleminded achievement not progressing

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Same, in same event, hit two different groups of 2 Naga, and got zero credit.  i think i hit two in a previous event on a recent day and didnt see progress, so i was paying attention this time and for sure hit 2 Naga, twice in one event.

Edit:  To be honest, this achievement can be hard to get if more than a few people actually are doing it.  Everyone is killing Naga, even angry marked ones, so trying to be patient for 2 of them to get together may never happen since can be rare even 2 are near each other cause one just died to people killing one.  Better to try on a dead map.  Or, my suggestion would be the angry marked ones can only be gotten rid of with the throw item, may still not get 2 together if a lot of people are there but stops the killing part.

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I really hope they don't expect us to do all 5 in one event cause  that's a friggin nightmare. i get 3 to 4 and then randoms on the map descend and start murdering everything and complete the event. not their fault, they're doing their own thing but it is frustrating

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Lvl 3 jade shipment is "possible" if not too much afk at spawn but it is still very hard

Defense is impossible CC too high, hps too high

Simpleminded bug

Tsunami dodger bug

Strange diet takes hours and hours to get, seems like missing one that turtle does not accept

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I do agree the defense is really hard, though possible but extremely difficult. You are right it scales horribly cause of the afk people around the area. You can't have more than like 5 people around to complete it. maybe 2 at each shipment and they all have to be CC Heavyweights + Waystations. I got really lucky the other day and got it. It really shouldn't be that hard though.

I'm having the same problem in the city, all the achievements are bugged.

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