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Map achievements to locate and play with shrine guardian infants

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Each map has an achievement where you need to locate these shrine guardian infants and play with them.  An example being the Dead Play achievement in Dragon's End.  The issue is that I do not see them.  I've checked both day and night.


Has anyone found these?  What do they look like? 

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Hey, add me in-game. We can work together to get the cape. I'm 3 achievements away, but 3 of the remaining achieves are bugged and the other 4 are nearly impossible to get. Also, I thought the children were initially cats or dogs, but they're chests littered throughout the map. 

The achievements I'm still missing are: 
Simpleminded - bugged
Mysteries Deep Within - bugged
Tsunami Dodger - bugged (not fully sure if bugged, but I dodged a lot of waves and no progress)
A Strange Diet - I have a clue on how to get this, but needs time
The Last of Their Kind - only have 3 of the 5 meta wins currently
Dragon's End (Corporate) Culture - no one wants to do the pre-event
Respects Paid - missing 3 shrines and 1 requires beating the meta

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