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Meta - 24 hours of my life & why?

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Anet I just do not get it. I've been here since before release and played so much of the content new. Mord, Teq, Triple Trouble and another's the disconnects would be annoying some fails were frustrating but I always saw community progress. You'd see it in the game and other media surrounding it as people learned the content. People would spam to get in the new guilds formed just for X meta and overall the community had some bad apples but fun was had.


I cannot say that for your current Dragon's End meta and especially not after spending over 24+ hours in the place since launch trying to just get a single win. I've seen trolls hop in the green when you could cheese it just to stay at the bottom wasting it and even people on turtles doing it laughing. I've seen constant swaps in the final 20% literally happen so often that the first time you got to dps despite making it there with 4 minutes was 45 seconds. Group had the dps to push it to 3% but it was a fail due to RNG and this was post changes. I've seen the CC from Soo-Wun only come up when the group needed to do the tail or despite a group nailing the CC super fast she quickly decides that it didn't matter and leaves anyways to the other side. I've spent time in a bubble only to get out for another bubble then another bubble then a whirlpool the moment the last burn phase was in progress. The amount of EMP needed to get one person out of a whirlpool is just nuts and makes it not worth the time to save them due to how limited time is.


I've seen countless debates and been in them of people following the Dark Souls line of "Git gud" and usually from people who got their turtle. Pretty much cementing a boomer mentality of got mine tough cookie to you. As if anyone else getting that turtle because the event should be changed would be an attack on them personally. The discourse around the meta and how people have acted during it has been nothing short of extreme toxicity. I have nothing against hard content existing in the strikes, the raids, the fractals. Heck not even open world but I do have issues with content that divides people and is so over-tuned for a massive chunk of people who play your game because it is supposed to be relaxing. 


Just got out of 8+ hours in there Anet and came to post this. My mouse hand hurts, my back is sore, I'm very tired and all I wanted was to see the last dragon go poof to have a turtle to mess around with some my good friends. Mentally exhausted and fully expect loads of "Git gud" type replies. I really loved the expansion out of the gate but right now I never want to see it again. That is what you've done with your meta. Take that as you will.

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