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Catalyst Conjure Build


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Build Crafting Post and no it's not about buffing conjures. But has anyone tried making a Catalyst Conjure build? Specifically with Flame Ax?


Think about it, Take all your aura buffs from Earth and Fire- (Prot, Stab, Cleanse) and add that to the Conjurer Trait which reduces CD of conjure skills and gives Fire Aura on conjure access. Not only are you building elemental empowerment, but Explosive Lava Ax (Flame Ax 2) is a blast finisher every 4 sec. You can literally rotate attunements and get any aura you want. 


You don't even need to build energy to use your F5. Flame Ax has two fire fields (Flame Ax 3 + 4) both on 12 sec CD's. Kitten, Flame Ax 5 is a leap finisher! You just got yourself a 900 range Catalyst build. Plus, with Fire Auras, you're constantly building might. Flame Ax 1 builds might every half second. All your Fire condi and auto attacks are that much stronger. 


I'm still working on creating a build that's tanky enough to play this. Did anyone come up with something similar?  

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Yeah, I was thinking of using Earth Shield with it. Or you can use fortified earth (Earth Augment) which is a whole combo skill of what Earth Shield is. Flame ax would have to take the place of your Damage utility, so then you need a stun break and then an open slot for something.  


If you use Elite Skill Elemental Celerity, you have the ability to double your rotation. Be it Defense or Offense. So flame Ax would just be a  range option when you need it.


So for example, Use flame Ax and build might. Rotate through attunements, building elemental empowerment with every Aura. Finish off in Fire to quickly build 25 might. Then swap out into your normal weapon. Go through your Fire Attunement rotation, maintaining your 25 might. Elite Skill, repeat rotation again. Then grab flame ax for another 30 seconds to repeat rotation.    


Not finished yet, but something like this.  http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PGgAgilZwAZZYv4Q9cG3A-z5QXGJkA9WAyOA

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