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Build for Vindi


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I'm trying to create a build  for vindi with focus on open world. I like to solo champs and so I am trying to do this with vindicator.


I am using sigil of energy to quickly restore stamina during longer fights and sigil of stamina because I couldn't find anything else useful on this place and it can be useful when killing adds and with maintaining boons with dodge.

I tend to switch Shiro with Jalis and I am using Alliance because being easy quickness source, probably best stunbreaks with cheap energy cost and etc.

Marauder gear to hit 100% crit chance with fury.

Does something can be changed to make this build better?

Also I am wondering - for higher dmg, is it better to keep using Vessels of Empire (easy 25 might upkeep) or Forerunner of Death (15% dmg bonus)?


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