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New Kaineng map needs a rebuild

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New Kaineng. What to say.
First of all, I won't judge the map's events and story, only its appearance, because oh boy.
1. It's soooo incredibly empty. This is a massive city, the loading screen shows us a bustling port and what do we get? 10 people at stands, 10 workers and... nothing else? Make the town more populated! Smack at least 30 more NPC in the harbor area, with no dialogue no problem, just walking around a simple path. Same with inside the walls. The city is MASSIVE, yet there's noone living in it. Again, make them do nothing but just walk around, but make it populated!
2. The architecture is an ABSOLUTE CLIPPING FEST. I'm sorry ANet, this so SO INCREDIBLY LAZILY built. I'm talking mostly about the "tower" style buildings, basically white pillars with appartments stuck into them. Not even onto, INTO. Yes, I'm aware how creating such a map works, you get several assets and you puzzle them together. This is not puzzled, this is smacked together with a hammer. Wooden roof of one house clipping into windows of the apartments next to it, merging together in impossible angles... Would it be such a problem to hand-edit each asset to nicely click together with the rest of the tower, instead of lazily clipping them? Let me answer that: No, it wouldn't be a problem, just a lot of work. The city looks like it's been put together during one day. Not to even mention that most of those tower buildings dont even have a bloody door... If you care about having a good map, go tweak it.
3. Teleporters. Make them marked on the map with their name. You expect a lot from players to remember each one's location AND the name of the location.
4. The city is way too dark, even during the day. It feels like it's super polluted, which, in lore, is certainly not the case. I've been getting serious SWTOR Nar Shaddaa vibes. Also holograms of fish flying around. Why. Just...why.

Don't get me wrong, there are things that I like about the city. Mostly it's the ground level and the areas that have been managed with care, like jade bot area, the harbor (although empty), the channels are great! But it's the big things where it falls apart completely. I can never unsee those hideous towers above me just completely breaking immersion...

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