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Collection Wars 2

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So I thought about posting this in suggestions, but I wanted to hear what other people think about collections system in general. If I'm missing anything or just an uncommon viewpoint or whatnot on my part.

The gist is, I find there are a number of collections which seem intentionally designed to have some or a lot of it be easy to get and then there's at least one item thrown in there that is excessive in difficulty or time investment. I can only guess this is to get you invested with sunk cost fallacy, so you'll want to finish it even if it's hard at the end. But if so, I can say from my own playing experience that it often doesn't play out that way for me. For example, I have a bunch of 9/10 Luminescent collections that I've been sitting on at 9/10 since back when I left the game in HoT era. The only thing I'm missing on them now is story achievements and just to look at one example, you need to complete 8 different specific story achievements to complete the achievement that will give you the accessory for that collection.

To me, the amount of effort seems really disproportionate and on top of that, it's frontloaded into instanced single player content, which is odd for a game that relies so much on having a vibrant open world events system.

What I propose, then, is that some collections have more than one way to get the item. I can understand if it's a case where the item is supposed to have some kind of significance to it, it wouldn't make sense to obtain it elsewhere, but like, idk what a ring called Plague Signet obtained from some story achievements is supposed to have anything to do with making Luminescent Gloves.

What do you think? Are you fine with the system as it is? Do you have issues with it, similar or different?

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try those story achievements again. A lot of them have been trivialised by elite spec power creep. I remember some of them being really hardcore when they came out and I really wanted them because I loved the shiny version of the armor set they locked. 

I think I have all but one of these LW2 era collections now where I just don’t have the patience to try again and again and again. 

I think it’s okay that some of them are tricker or hard to cater to players of different tastes. In my opinion the harder ones are usually older. Can’t think of any new collections that are like this, save perhaps a few EOD ones that want a completed Jade Sea meta. 

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