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The Jade bot and its upgrades

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Currently I am the Mount Energy booster r3 and Gliding booster r2

The glider mod have its uses, I would say it handilly beats out the skiff thruster. The skiff is already too fast at top speed and turns quite hard, also the skiff is completely useless if you dont care about fishing, thanks to the existence of the skimmer

But the mount energy regeneration mod feels quite noticeable at r3 and makes it more enjoyable with your mount.

Ive tried the treasure hunter mod, and it doesnt seem to notice many chests, compared to the usefulness of mount energy regen.


I dont feel much of a need for all the gathering mods, compared with the mount energy regen.

Also, I am questioning the need for the turtle siege damage mod.   Compared to that you only have five shots before being dry and needing time to regenerate it is a significant malus in my eyes.


Rescue protocol is nice to have, but it does not coax you towards playing better.




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