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My opinion is that End of Dragons is great as far ...thoughts and possible suggestions

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As the majority of guild wars 2 players i was expecting End of Dragons and i kept my expectations high...i am pleased to see that the result was great as far at least when it comes to first impressions


Some quick things i want to mention


Story is great... even if i am not really a PvE player (not that i dont do PvE at all but is not my main focus in game)  story is always something i enjoy and have big importance for me ..and this time the story was just ... great ...honestly the story itself the characters and the way the story is presented made me love it! add to that those great graphics and then you have a result that i doubt anyone can have complains about it


Maps are also great...good desigin epic graphics nice events and meta events... finally the last map has actually a meta which is hard to do... finally a meta map which is not the enter the map hit the boss few times and go afk... finally a meta event which needs organisation and people to actually play good to win it... even if i failed many times myself and i manage to win the meta first time today i really cant understand why people complain about how hard it is ..you dont like to try to get good people? 


Many new things to do in game ...a new mount new fun achivments and things to do around the map which is a good thing new legendaries ... looking forward for new collections and cool skins  


New strikes are good and actually more challenging than old ones... i liked the idea had fun playing them  and looking forward for the CM modes 


Yes it has bugs... but honestly as a player who played MMO RPG games since 2004 i cant recall any big patch in a game which didnt include bugs ...good thing is that some of the biggest ones are already fixed 


Outside of that is too early at least for me to be sure about new classes and its effect in WvW and PvP which are the parts of game which interests me the most ..ecpecially WvW ...but i hope this time those modes wont be left out from the focus of the developers  and is too early also to have a clear opinion how new things will change the game economy 


Now to a part which didnt pleased me 


As far i have the feeling that the competitive modes of the game WvW and PvP got little or not at all attention as far ...i hope that will change soon and developers have some plans about them... i hope this time we wont have expansions based only in PvE without any positive adds to the competitive modes of the game ... some attention to WvW maybe developers? 🙂  whole WvW community expects great things from you ...and alliances soon


Now to close this post i believe that in general End of Dragons gives a great first impression ... lets see if it will keep that way ..and if the other game modes outside PvE will be improved and have some attention too also soon

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